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A Note from Mayor Williams

Dear Residents:

There have been newspaper articles as well as rumors about Bunker Hill’s status as a participant in the Village Fire Department. First and foremost, Bunker Hill Village remains a part of the Village Fire Department through December 2019 and hopefully for many years thereafter. 

Over the next 60 days, Bunker Hill and the Fire Commission will evaluate the opportunity to place a sub-station in the south/southwest part of the VFD service area.  Bunker Hill will commission an architect and a fire/ems operations consultant and present options to the Fire Commission.  The Fire Commission has made no commitments to build a sub-station, but is open to considering our proposal. 

In addition, I also want to correct some misinformation being spread that the City of Houston could become our primary Fire/EMS provider.  This has never been considered an option for Bunker Hill.  If we ever left the VFD, the City of Houston would fill the same role as they currently fill with the VFD:  helping fight structural house fires under a mutual aid agreement.

We are encouraged about the opportunity to reduce our response times while staying in the Village Fire Department. 

For more information on the reports/studies conducted to evaluate and improve response times in Bunker Hill and the Village Fire Department, click the links below:


Thank you,

Mayor Jay Williams