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Robert LordFrom the Mayor

Dear Residents,

I am very honored to serve as Mayor of the City of Bunker Hill Village. Our city of 1250 homes was founded in 1954. Our city also includes one privately owned recreational center, two elementary schools, four churches, and one retreat center.

We are very proud of our quiet, wooded environment, and as a community, we work hard to preserve it for future generations as indicated in our Mission Statement:

"The Mayor, City Council and Staff of Bunker Hill Village are committed to governing with integrity and fiscal responsibility. We are dedicated to creating a sense of community, ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens, and preserving our unique character and quality of life so that we can pass on a greater and more beautiful city to future generations."

Through the years we have adopted ordinances including zoning regulations that have effectively preserved the characteristics of Bunker Hill Villages. All ordinances are available on this website.

The Memorial Villages Police Department, Village Fire Department and Spring Branch Schools are three of our biggest assets. We continue to work to make them among the finest in the country.

Bunker Hill has a strong set of volunteers filling our boards and committees and we are always looking for more talent, so let me know if you would like to get involved.

Bunker Hill was ranked by Forbes as one of the ten best places to retire rich, but I think it is a great place to work and raise a family too.

See below for helpful information and again, welcome to the City!

Robert Lord


Welcome to the City of Bunker Hill Village!

We hope that you will find the following information helpful as you transition to your new home and new community. 

We are available if you need any further assistance. 


For Your Information:

·                     Recent Newsletter(s)

·                     Intro and Basics

·                     Helpful Phone Numbers

·                     Solid Waste and Recycling Information

·                     Vehicle Stickers

·                     Hurricane Preparedness

·                     Map of the City


Action Items/Forms/For Your Information:

·                     Resident v-linc Communications - This is the best source of communications to receive the latest info from the Police Dept and the City

·                     Alarm Registration Please Register online with your v-linc communication registration and no solicitation request

·                     Release of Personal Information ( the fee of $2.00 will be added to your next utility bill)

·                   Automated Payments 


Please click here for all information on permits including permits for trees,

remodeling and new construction, fences, etc. as well as our City ordinances.