The Planning and Development Department seeks to ensure Bunker Hill Village remains the premier, livable and viable City within the Houston Area and in Texas by promoting orderly development and re-development, safe construction and neighborhood vitality. The City's strives to maintain the vision of the City established in the 1950's when Bunker Hill incorporated as a City and established the City's first Zoning Ordinance. At that time, the City Council stated in the Zoning Ordinance Preamble:

"From the city's inception, development therein has been limited to single-family residences and a scattering of schools, churches, and essential municipal improvements; and

The very purpose of the city's being was and is to provide and perpetuate a quiet, tranquil, safe, and orderly community of single-family homes, with abundant greenery and open spaces, clean air and water, a safe environment, and other amenities conducive to the development and enjoyment of family life"

In late 2014, The City Council voted to amend the City's Development Related Ordinances and made effective January 1, 2015. These amendments were a result of a comprehensive review by the Planning and Zoning Commission over the previous year to improve the City's development and permitting process and ensure the vision of the City remained intact.

Bunker Hill requires Mandatory Pre-Development Meetings with property owners and their representatives for new construction. So many times the property owner is ready to move into their new home; however, building requirements have not been met and the owner does not understand why. A pre-development meeting is intended to ultimately expedite the project review, ease the construction process, and ensure all items are met for a scheduled move in. Property Owners must attend this meeting and may include their builder and/or consultants. As noted, this meeting is mandatory in order for a project to be approved for a building permit. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the City to step owners through the Development Packet outlining the process and the requirements in Bunker Hill so there is a good understanding of issues such as set-backs, trees and drainage and these items are included in the planning (and cost estimate) up front.
The Staff is also available to discuss other development such as additions, re-models, and maintenance improvements.

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