PREDEVELOPMENT meetings are required but we encourage you to schedule a conference call or video instead of a City Hall meeting. We primarily need the property owner and the contractor to participate but other consultants are welcome to participate. Please clicking HERE to schedule your remote meeting with the desired time and method of communication (telephone, facetime, skype, zoom, …). You may view the information presented at the PREDEVELOPMENT MEETINGS by clicking HERE.


Pre-Development Meeting Guide (PDF)


Schedule an Online Pre-Development Meeting


A pre-development meeting is intended to ultimately expedite the project review, ease the construction process, and ensure all items are met for a scheduled move in. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the City to step owners through the Development Packet outlining the process and the requirements in Bunker Hill so there is a good understanding of issues such as set-backs, trees and drainage and these items are included in the planning (and cost estimate) up front.


Please refer to the following Key Ordinance Components for Planning and Development:


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: A form survey will be required prior to the scheduling of a pier inspection. This will require the construction of forms prior to the drilling of piers. The survey also needs to indicate the proposed location of any planned piers. Stakes need to be used in the field to indicate the location of all planned piers. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but we are forced into this requirement as a result of several contractors who have misconstrued the city’s pier inspection as a confirmation of correct pier position.