City Administrator Position

Dear Applicants,

I am very honored to serve as Mayor of the City of Bunker Hill Village. I want to take a few moments to acknowledge your interest in our City and our opening for a new City Administrator. Our current City Administrator, Karen Glynn, has been working with us on planning for her retirement. Karen has committed to helping us ensure a smooth transition as she approaches her 10th anniversary in Bunker Hill in 2023. 

The City Council and I are dedicated to filling this position with the best possible candidate. We believe our employees are our most valued assets, and we provide excellent benefits and compensation commensurate with the market. We have a policy on assisting with gas prices through reimbursements as all of our employees commute into the City. We have also budgeted for a cost-of-living increase in 2023 up to 6%, along with an average merit increase of 4%. I would encourage you to apply for this position and learn even more about this opportunity. 

Our City of 1,250 homes was founded in 1954 as a single-family residential community. We are very proud of our quiet, wooded environment, and as a community, we work hard to preserve it for future generations, as indicated in our Mission Statement:

"The Mayor, City Council, and Staff of Bunker Hill Village are committed to governing with integrity and fiscal responsibility. We are dedicated to creating a sense of community, ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens, and preserving our unique character and quality of life so that we can pass on a greater and more beautiful city to future generations."

Along with our staff, the Memorial Villages Police Department, Village Fire Department, and Spring Branch Schools are among the finest in the country. In addition, we have adopted ordinances, including zoning regulations, that have effectively preserved the characteristics of Bunker Hill Village. 

Bunker Hill has a strong set of residents/volunteers filling our boards and committees. We value this community engagement.   We are also committed to keeping our community informed.

Bunker Hill was ranked by Forbes as one of the ten best places in the country to retire rich, but I think it is a great place to work and raise a family too. If you have the opportunity to visit, I am sure you will agree!

Humbly yours,

Robert P. Lord

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