2020 Construction Projects

Roadway Repairs – Memorial, Plantation, Strey, Bunker Hill Road

Over the last several months, city crews have been patching Memorial Drive both in front of Frostwood Elementary and on the south side in front of the church. The City has received multiple complaints from motorist about the condition of the roadway.   The base of the roadway in these areas had weakened and required replacement.  The areas to be replaced were a substantial portion of the roadway and rather than have a patched road, all of Memorial from Plantation to Gessner will be repaved.   This would also allow us to restripe the crosswalks for the Plantation intersection while school is not in session and while traffic is at a low volume.

Similar work is being performed on Strey Lane, Bunker Hill Road and other sections of Memorial Drive.  The repairs to the base of the roadways were completed last week.  The removal or milling of the existing asphalt is taking place this week.  The roadways will still be drivable with minimal effect on traffic patterns.  We expect the new asphalt to go in very quickly with the work complete next week, weather permitting.

We believe this is the best time for this work as traffic volume is greatly reduced and school is not open which means that we impact the fewest number of drivers and residents.

The City project on the reconstruction of Warrenton, Kilts and Valley Star is coming to a conclusion with the last portion on Valley Star under construction now.  We added a small section of Plantation mid-block between Valley Star and Memorial due to a collapsed drainage line under Plantation.  We expect this work to be complete by the end of next week as well, weather permitting.