The Memorial Villages Police Department (“MVPD”) has seen great success with the Automatic License Plate Readers  (ALPR) System in serving as an investigative tool to solve crimes and recover goods.   MVPD has topped $3.457 Million in recovered property to date. 

The City Council passed an ordinance to further the program by allowing residents to provide additional ALPR cameras at the resident’s expense at strategic locations in the City.

City staff will coordinate with MVPD to determine the placement of these additional ALPR cameras in the City’s rights-of-way to enhance the virtual safety gate for investigative purposes. An entity/person who desires to place and fund an ALPR camera within the public right-of-way of a street within the City must obtain a permit from the City and pay the applicable fees. Each applicant must commit to execute an agreement with the ALPR camera provider, agree to pay all costs to install and operate the additional ALPR camera(s) and to name the MVPD as administrator under the agreement. The permit application shall be made to the City. The City will coordinate with MVPD for review and approval of the placement of the additional ALPR camera(s). Upon approval by MVPD and the City, the applicant shall then enter into an agreement with the ALPR camera provider and shall pay all costs for the installation, maintenance, and ongoing operations of the ALPR camera(s). Once the City has received the executed agreement with an ALPR camera provider, the City will permit the ALPR camera provider to install the ALPR cameras(s) at the approved location(s).

Current Costs:  $2700.00 per year for one camera and the installation is approximately $250.00 for a simple installation. If additional electrical work is needed, this could be more.

Click here for an application to begin the process.

Click here to read the City's Ordinance.

Please contact City Administrator Karen Glynn for more information.