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September 8, 2017

See below for more Storm Recovery Information

Solid Waste Services:

Regular Household Trash Service - 6 Bags at the Curb - two days per week
will continue until further notice

We are working to resume Bulk Waste, Recycling and Green Waste Services.
These services are still unavailable until further notice.

Road Closure Continues:

The City continues to monitor Gessner Road with the City of Houston.
We expect Gessner to open in the next week.

Please continue to follow all requests by the Memorial Villages Police Department and other uniformed officers working in the area.

School Traffic:

Spring Branch Schools open on Monday!
Please bike or walk with your children to Bunker Hill and Frostwood Elementary Schools this coming week as we are expecting traffic to continue to be hectic.


The City had one home reported with water damage in the house.
This home is on Vanderpool Lane off of Gessner Road. We are very saddened for this resident.

The Memorial Villages First Responder Relief Fund:

The Villages are aware of several members of our Public Safety Departments whose homes or vehicles were severely flooded while they were on days-long duty and have developed The Memorial Villages First Responder Relief Fund. Please consider a donation to this fund.

Helpful links if you had damages:



Thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue this recovery process.

Karen Glynn, City Administrator

The City received the following message concerning FEMA Disaster Assistance:

Harris County was added to the Presidential Declaration yesterday for Individual Assistance and Public Assistance (Cat A and B). In the event that you were unaware, survivors from your jurisdictions can now apply for FEMA assistance. I have included the link below.

We have received word that the Army Corp of Engineers will continue releasing water from the Barker and Addicks Reservoirs.  This is something that must be done to ensure the integrity of these structures and provide capacity for any further rain.  

The Corp continues with  a measured release of water.  They are working to minimize any additional impact. 

Closed roads include: Voss south of Memorial, S. Piney Point at the Bayou, Briar Forest west of Memorial, Gessner at Vanderpool/Warrenton, and Memorial west of Gessner.


I am sure that many of you have been told that water services are unavailable or unsafe during storms of this nature.  The City of Bunker Hill has a separate water system from the City of Houston and the other villages.  Our water system has back up generators and is currently operating with no interruptions in service.  Our water is currently safe for consumption and we do not expect that status to change.  However, should any issues occur, we will contact you immediately with further instructions.  

The waste water system is, however, overloaded with all of the rain water entering the system through submerged manholes.  You may experience some minor back ups and sluggish draining inside your home.  There is also the possibility that manholes may overflow from the massive amounts of rain water entering the system.  You should avoid walking or playing in high water for this reason.  Please continue to stay off the roads and avoid traveling.  Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church is open for emergency sheltering.

Steve Smith
Director of Public Works

City of Bunker Hill Village