Dear Residents,

Water/Utility Bills

The City reviewed water bills prior to sending.  We turned water off for over 150 residents who were experiencing water leaks. The City will consider adjustments to water bills affected by high usage from winter storm damages. To request an adjustment, you must be on the City’s list of turn offs or provide documentation of a leaking or broken pipe. The adjustment will only be made to water charges.

The City returned the water system to full pressure on Thursday, February 25.  If you are still experiencing low water pressure, please check your main house valve and/or individual faucet aerators for blockages.  You can search “aerator faucet cleaning on YouTube” for a how-to video.

Permits & Inspections

The City allowed licensed plumbers to access the city’s meter boxes and turn services on and off during this time of emergency conditions.  We did not require permits for minor plumbing repairs.  However, if you have major damage involving plumbing, electrical and/or your structure, we do require a permit which can be processed online.   This will ensure the City's inspection process on your behalf.

Thank you for all of the kind words for our Public Works Team and Staff during this time.  We look forward to full recovery for our utility system and the 150+ residents who requested the water be shut off for water leaks and damages.

Karen Glynn, City Administrator