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Dear Residents:

The City is providing the following information to help you prepare for hurricanes and major storms.   The City encourages everyone to continue to be vigilant and be aware of weather conditions through our local media.  Below is a quick short list to help with  your preparedness efforts:

1.  Sign up for our own Community Alert System - "V-LINC"  with the Memorial Villages Police Department.  Click here to access the V-LINC registration.  This is also a great opportunity to note any special situations that you may have for example:   Additional Occupants, Elderly Residents, Oxygen, Special Needs, etc.

2.  Add your account, address and contact information to received CenterPoint Energy's power alerts (click here).  You will need information found on your electricity bill.  Note:  Regardless of who you have as your energy provider, CenterPoint Engery is the responsible party for all power outages.  Their number is 713-207-2222.   CenterPoint has shared that they now have "smart meters" so they know when you loose power.   They also have an online Customer Outage Tracker which displays current outage locations and estimated times to restore power - visit their website at http://CenterPointEnergy.com/OutageTracker for more information.   You can sign up for this information with CenterPoint even if you have a different energy provider.  They can provide text messages to you and it is very helpful.   Scroll down to see more information provided by CenterPoint.

3.  Replenish your disaster supply kit with important emergency supplies including a first aid kit, a NOAA Weather Radio or a battery-operated radio, flashlight, medication, non-perishable food items, and bottled water.  Review the information from FEMA to ensure you are prepared and develop an emergency plan for communicating with family and friends. 

For more information about Hurricane Preparedness, please visit the National Hurricane Center website: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/prepare/.

Coastal residents can find evacuation routes by visiting the TxDOT website: http://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/division/traffic/safety/weather/hurricane.html.

Thank you for taking this time to be  aware and prepared.  

Know that we at the City are doing the same!

Karen Glynn,  City Administrator

CenterPoint Communications:

In the event of a severe weather emergency such as a hurricane, CenterPoint Energy will use their Outage Tracker, Twitter and Facebook to communicate:


Contact and other helpful information is available below:   

Sign Up for Power Outage Alerts: http://www.centerpointenergy.com/cehe/outage/alerts/
Phone Number for Gas Customer Service: 713-659-2111
Phone Number for Electricity Customer Service: 713-207-2222
Right Tree Right Place Program: www.CenterPointEnergy.com/trees


About CenterPoint Energy & Emergency Preparation:

  • CenterPoint Energy is responsible for restoring service - regardless from which company provides your electricity.
  • CenterPoint is the only company that can restore service during power outages; trained crews will work day and night to get power restored.
  • Preparation is underway for outages before they happen by investing in technology to more quickly and accurately pinpoint problems.

Pre-storm - Electric service tips:

  • Unplug sensitive electrical appliances, such as computers and TVs.
  • If you expect flooding, turn off electricity at the circuit breaker.
  • If someone depends on electricity for life-sustaining equipment, make alternative arrangements for them in advance 

Pre-storm - Natural gas service tips:

  • Do NOT turn off natural gas at the meter. Proper pressure in home/business gas piping must be maintained to prevent water from entering the lines if flooding occurs.
  • If you choose to discontinue natural gas service - turn off gas at each appliance.