Dear Residents:

As you should be aware, Bunker Hill Elementary School Reconstruction will begin in January 2021. This new building and campus will be asset to our Community, and we look forward to opening the doors for the Fall Semester 2022.

The upcoming 2021 Spring Semester will be a big challenge for us as we work with SBISD to accommodate parent carpool at Strey and Taylorcrest while a new roadway is constructed on the north end of the site. This is the first part of phase 1 of construction and a priority for the project and for us. We are thankful this should only be for the spring semester and not the entire 18-month project timeframe. The City has also approved any weekend work needed to expedite this work.

We certainly understand that the area of Strey and Taylorcrest will take the brunt of the impact and thank each of you for your patience and understanding. If at all possible, please avoid the area or plan for delays during the following times:

Mornings 7:15 – 8:15

Afternoons 2:50 – 3:50


We want to share the following so you can better understand this phase and the school project.
Please click below:

Bunker Hill Elementary School Video - Watch on YouTube

Bunker Hill Elementary School Reconstruction January 2021- August 2022 (PDF)


Please know we share your concerns and are and will continue working diligently with Memorial Villages Police Department and Spring Branch ISD to power through this semester.


Many thanks to all!