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Bunker Hill is  pleased to welcome Artist, Fred Keinz 

A little about the images displayed as written by Mr. Keinz:

"At the beginning of every summer, I like to look for an oppotunrity to serve and help others.  It is very rewarding to me.  Towards the end of the summer I like to get out of the heat and find a way to recharge my batteries.  Visits to Colorado and Montana in the great outdoors does this for me.  There are everyday opportunities to see beauty in light, shadows, shapes, and sometimes humor around us.  These are a few images that I trust will inspire you.  The photos on display are Fine Art Print Giclee prints printed on Watercolor Paper for permanence."

Fred.Keinz1  Fred.Keinz2



About the City Hall Art Program

The City of Bunker Hill Village has been featuring local artists on the walls of City Hall for over 10 years. Former Mayor Bill Marshall had called his friend, Susan Jackson to "come and look at these walls." The Mayor felt the plain white walls could be used to showcase local artists. He asked is Susan thought there were enough artists to make it work and then asked Susan if she would take on the project. Susan agreed and since then, the project has been a great success. Art is changed every 3 months.

Those with City Hall business as well as Municipal Court attendess have been surprised and entertained by the work. "It's a win-win! We love having the artwork and appreciate our local artists sharing their talents and helping us decorate City Hall," says City Adminstrator karen Glynn. She adds, " This is a great program and I so appreciate the vision of former Mayor Bill Marshall and the efforts of Susan Jackson for making this happen for the past 10 years."

Artists can leave their contact information with the City Hall office staff; any visitor can contact the artist personally if interested in purchasing a piece. Anyone interested in displaying their artwork can contact Susan Jackson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.